Monday, October 15, 2012

HelloFax Update

It's taken longer than I'd hoped for but HelloFax is working.  It's not their fault it's taken so long, I've just had higher priorities.

The Pros:
As I stated in my earlier post, HelloFax integrates nicely with Google Docs/Drive.  The setup is pretty easy as they can use your existing Google account for their own.
Account management is very basic.
Has the ability to send multiple recipients.

The Cons:
Only one con so far.  I can't change the header on my faxes.  The default reads "HelloFax"  but for obvious reasons I should be able to change this.  No where have I read that this is a problem with the basic account verses premium accounts.  I haven't emailed HelloFax about this.  Maybe that will be something to talk about in my next blog about HelloFax.  Until then, cya.

Update !
So I sent HelloFax an email query into why I could not change the header tag and they promptly replied back with the response "This feature is not editable at this time but maybe in the future if enough people request it then it might be."

So there you go.  Mystery solved.  I will still continue to use HelloFax for the peace of mind and the price is decent.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


So I just signed up for a new online fax service called "HelloFax".  After digging around and checking out some reviews I found the company to be okay.

They have a simple online web site with a very smooth flow.  The colors are easy on the eyes and even integrates into google drive automatically.  Sending a fax is free but in order to receive a fax a dedicated number is required.

Four plans are offered.  I choose the lowest non-free plan because I don't need to send or receive a lot of faxes.  The signing up process was a little tricky at first because if you installed HelloFax as a google chrome web app your google account is automatically signed up with HelloFax on the free version account.   This is fine but trying to sign up for a payed account I tried to put my credentials in and got an error:
user already exists and to choose a different user name/email".  I figured out what was going on and just signed into HelloFax with my existing google account and clicked on the proper payment plan.

Currently I have sent a fax but haven't been able to receive one.  No clue as to why either.  Will probably try again tomorrow.