Tuesday, October 2, 2012


So I just signed up for a new online fax service called "HelloFax".  After digging around and checking out some reviews I found the company to be okay.

They have a simple online web site with a very smooth flow.  The colors are easy on the eyes and even integrates into google drive automatically.  Sending a fax is free but in order to receive a fax a dedicated number is required.

Four plans are offered.  I choose the lowest non-free plan because I don't need to send or receive a lot of faxes.  The signing up process was a little tricky at first because if you installed HelloFax as a google chrome web app your google account is automatically signed up with HelloFax on the free version account.   This is fine but trying to sign up for a payed account I tried to put my credentials in and got an error:
user already exists and to choose a different user name/email".  I figured out what was going on and just signed into HelloFax with my existing google account and clicked on the proper payment plan.

Currently I have sent a fax but haven't been able to receive one.  No clue as to why either.  Will probably try again tomorrow.

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